The 50 Coaster of 2016: South Europe

The end of 2016 is near and our team voted on the 50 Coasters of Europe 2016! Our choice is based not only on thrill, but also on experience, theming, setting, originality and more. We devide this series of articles between five parts dealing with the four regions of Europe and the 10 All-Star coasters! In part three we talk about the 10 coasters selected in Southern Europe!

The South Europe region that we considered, contains the Mediterranean countries. It is most definitely a region where riding coasters is even more pleasant due to the warm climate. After voting, only two coaster countries remained: Spain and Italy! This out of a total of 21 different coasters. These are the 10 that made the list!

iSpeed (Mirabilandia, Italy)

This coaster is really something. The footprint is not too large, but not small either. The launch gives a real punch and after the top hat, even more fun awaits. The speed it reaches while going through the inversions is insane. So obviously, the name is very fitting. Since 2015 it is not longer unique, as in Turkey they have a similar model. Still, this first one is worthy of being on the list, and those who have ridden it will certainly agree! It was close to being an all-star but closely lost to some other magnificent coasters!


The Storm (Etnaland, Italy)

Storm at Etnaland is a newer style Mack coaster many people seem to forget about. It really this coaster combines Mack’s efforts in creating smaller airtime machines and adding a new exciting element to it, a single inversion. Unlike its giant brother at Lewa Adventure in China, Storm’s inversion is low to the ground and an In-Line Twist. This ride is of appropriate size, perfect for the park, combines airtime with great Mack engineering and that single inversion. This ride is yet another creation showing off Mack’s increasing significance in the industry.

Source: Etnaland
Source: Etnaland

Shock (Rainbow Magicland, Italy)

Maurer AG is known for creating unique and weird rides. Shock didn’t change the rules as it is certainly one of the most unique coasters out there. It can be compared to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, without the brakes and with a launch, in a wider layout. The coaster sends small single car with six riders on a crazy layout incorporating a large inclined non-inverting Looping, wide turns, and an crazy inline-twist just before the final brakes. Every element is surprising and original, and even the relative shortness to the ride fits in this original layout. A real Shock. Maurer has come a long way since their Skyloops.

Source: Rainbow Magicland
Source: Rainbow Magicland

Raptor (Gardaland, Italy)

We’ve already discussed Raptor in our Wing Coaster article. There you already noticed that we are quite a fan of this monster. Wing coasters are impressive pieces of steel and Europe has only four. So being unique contributes, but also the theming is very immersive. The whole ride experience in the warm Italian climate makes you want to return for more rides on Raptor. Are you already excited?


Dragon Khan (Port Aventura World, Spain)

When Dragon Khan opened, it impressed Spanish guests as it was something they’d never seen before. Nowadays, even many years after that, nothing has changed. This coaster it’s still one of the top rides in Europe, an old-school B&M that will never go out of style. With eight inversions and Chinese theming, it’s one of a kind!

Superman (Parque Warner Madrid, Spain)

The best known ride of Parque Warner Madrid is Superman / La Atracción de Acero. Till this day it remains the largest floorless coaster of Europe.  It features seven inversions: a Vertical Loop, an Immelmann, a Zero-G Roll, a Cobra Roll and two Interlocking Corkscrews . It reaches a maximum speed of 100 km/h (62 miles/h) and a height of 50m (164 feet). The superhero has been flying around the park since 2002, only two years after the Floorless Superman coaster at Six Flags Fiësta Texas.


Divertical (Mirabilandia, Italy)

With a height of 60 m (197 feet) and a top speed of 106 km/h (66 miles/h), Divertical is the fastest and highest water coaster in the world. Manufactured by Intamin AG, this 2012 addition has a unique look due to the double elevator lift that brings the boats up to the first drop. The boats drop and twist a few times before the memorable final splash that won’t let anybody dry. The whole ride is also very smooth for a water coaster, so the lasting sensation of speed even before the splash makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Stuntfall (Parque Warner Madrid, Spain)

This Giant Inverted Boomerang is one of the six still in existence, but the only one in Europe. It’s also one of the major coaster at Parque Warner. Compared to the regular Boomerang model of Vekoma, this one steps it up a notch. Unfortunately, the coasters is also known for it’s technical problems. Yet, it is one of the most thrilling coasters due to its drop and backwards experience.

Katun (Mirabilandia, Italy)

Do you like inverted coaster? Do you like speed and force? Then this coaster is the right thing for you! Katun at Mirabilandia is a very high and very fast B&M Inverted coaster with the chance to black out a little bit some times. It is the highest inverted coaster in Europe till date. Compared to the other inverted coasters, it is also stretched across the area.

Furius Baco (Port Aventura World, Spain)

A world-first coaster is the best way to describe this steel monster at PortAventura. The first one to feature seats on the side of the track instead of the classic seating. This prototype from Intamin reaches 135 km/h (84 miles/h) in just a few seconds, and makes a serpentine layout among trenches, to end with an in-line twist inversion and a beautiful turn over the Mediterrània lagoon. Only downside is that it is quite painful, but nevertheless an experience you can’t miss!

Next up, the ten coasters of 2016: West Europe!

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