The 50 Coaster of 2016: East Europe

The end of 2016 is near and our team voted on the 50 Coasters of Europe 2016! Our choice is based not only on thrill, but also on experience, theming, setting, originality and more. We divide this series of articles between five parts dealing with the four regions of Europe and the 10 All-Star coasters! In part two we talk about the 10 coasters selected in Eastern Europe!

We defined East Europe as Germany and everything on the east side of it. So basically, this is pretty much only Germany since there aren’t to many parks there. However, that might change in the future as new parks are emerging in Croatia and Poland. One of which, already existing, made the list as well! Let’s have a look! 25 coasters

Flug der Dämonen (Heide Park, Germany)

„Bist du gerettet oder verdammt?“ – in engl.: „Are you saved or doomed?“. These are the words you will hear when you ride the first and only Wing Coaster in Germany. Opened in 2014, this ride features 7 ‘challenges’ you have to pass with nothing above and under you. Take a seat and enjoy this awesome ride at Heide-Park Germany.

Black Mamba (Phantasialand, Germany)

It’s tall… it’s long… it’s black and winds through Africa. It is the Black Mamba, an B&M Inverted coaster located at Phantasialand, Germany. It’s theming is outstanding and the coaster really packs a punch! Because of that, it had to make the list!


Winja’s (Phantasialand, Germany)

Opened in 2002, Winja’s Fear and Force are two of the most popular rides at Phantasialand. But what makes this ride so special? It features a lift at the beginning, followed by surprising elements where the track suddenly moves , an Immelmann-Tower (Fear) and other surprises. In addition, it´s an indoor coaster. So when you visit Phantasialand, you shouldn’t miss a ride on this awesome Double Spinning coaster!


Blue Fire (Europa-Park, Germany)

It might not come as a surprise that this Europa-Park coaster made the list. Even though it is no longer a unique coaster in the world, it was the first of its kind and moreover, the first inversion coaster of Europa-Park. This thrilling lap-bar launch coaster will always put a smile on your face while riding. Don’t forget to test the elevated backseats!


Euro-Mir (Europa-Park, Germany)

One of the most unique spinning coasters in the world is Euro-Mir.  First of all a unique looking coasters due to the five glass towers around which the coaster’s layout turns and twists. Secondly a unique ride experience combining a large spiral lift hill with loud techno music and light effects, a wild mouse part at the top of the towers and an actual coaster part. Thirdly, it is also one of the most intense spinning coasters, providing great forces in the final part when the coaster twists through holes and tunnels. The relative roughness of the coaster doesn’t harm the fun of the experience as there is also a fourth element: one of the longest ride times in the world. And finally, the Euromir song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Wodan (Europa-Park, Germany)

The highest coaster ever built by Great Coasters International is also an aesthetic master piece that overlooks the ‘Island’ area. The imposing wooden structure interacts with two other coasters, Blue Fire and Atlantica Super Splash. It also has quite a extensive theming for a wooden coaster. The whole queue is over-themed with a lots of statues from Nordic mythology, the most impressive being the two giant statues at the entrance. So basically, the ride is a giant part of the theming for the whole area. The ride experience is amazing, with a great first drop, perfect speed and some good airtime.


Colossos (Heide Park, Germany)

Colossos is a huge wooden coaster manufactured by Intamin. This type of wooden coaster is also known as a pre-fabricated coaster, meaning that rather than being created on-site, the pieces of wood are all pre-cut and created in the factory. Then, the coaster is put together like a giant wooden puzzle. Colossus opened with the steepest drop on a wooden coaster at the time and stands 60m (200 feet tall). The ride consists of many large airtime hills and stretches over 1340 m (4,400 feet) long. With a top speed of 109 km/h (68 miles per hours) it’s still one of the fastest wooden coasters around and it remains to be a fan favorite at Heide Park. Since July 28th this year, the coaster was standing but not operating. The official website however states that they are doing everything they can to reopen the classic next year!


Karacho (Tripsdrill, Germany)

Karacho is one of Gerstlauer’s first Infinity Coasters and utilizes comfortable lap-bars. This grey looking beast launches riders to speeds of 90 km/h (56 miles per hour) in just 1.6 seconds and has a very fun layout. From elements we’re all familiar with, such as a top hat, to elements to dive loops, tunnels and tall inversions. This launch coaster is about 30 m (100 feet) tall and 700 m (2,300 feet) long, and with cars of just 8 riders offers a unique experience perfectly adding to the Erlebnis Park Tripsdrill’s fun line-up of attractions.


Van Helsing (Movie Park Germany, Germany)

Are you ready to help Van Helsing kill all the vampires?  Then jump on this ride and get ready for a wild experience on this Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster at Movie Park Germany. This coaster contains wild mouse curves as well as fast, intense helixes and amazing theming. The most impressive feature of this ride is that the maximum height of the track is 7.7 m (25 feet) high. Eventhough his masterpiece has a small footprint, no inversions and almost no height differences; it delivers a thrilling experience and immediatly became a fan favorite!


Rollercoaster Formula 1 (Energylandia, Poland)

The only non-German coaster on the list is Rollercoaster Formula 1. This newly opened coaster in 2016 is one of the biggest thrills at Energylandia. The park is still growing and the theme park community is well aware of them due to their many expansion plans. But already with this coaster, they had a first in their offer. Formula 1 is the first Vekoma Space Warp model, which is putting the them back on the coaster market. We can only say, keep them coming!

Source: Energylandia
Source: Energylandia

Next up, the ten coasters of 2016: South Europe!

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