11 European Parks to visit in 2018

2018 is here and in Europe, we welcome more coasters than in the United States this year! We have some spectacular coasters to look forward to and so we picked out 11 parks you can put on your 2018 to do list!

Europe is a good place for coasters this year. If you are limited in your travel plans, then France and the United Kingdom are the best countries to visit. Especially France is opening a lot of coasters and a new theme park. In the UK, we welcome two major new coasters in two of its biggest parks. Last but not least, this is the year to finally visit Poland as it will open of Europe’s highest coasters. For our full list of relevant 2018 coasters, click here!

Walibi Belgium (Belgium)

Walibi Belgium continues to develop its long term plan. After the first addition, Pulsar, they will now open a new Family Bobsled coaster by Gerstlauer. The waterpark Aqualibi will receive an expansion for the kids and new theming as well. If you want to see the “before” and “after” of their big plans, this is still a good year to be able to see the difference.

Legoland Billund (Denmark)

The Danish theme park can put 50 candles on this year’s birthday cake and thus, a new ride is pretty much obligatory. Even though it’s a rather small one, ‘Flyvende Ørn’ will definitely be a hit with the children. Some other rides will receive an update as well. So go celebrate the birthday of the original Legoland in 2018!

Le PAL (France)

The first of the French parks to visit is the cozy Le PAL. Perfect for some nice coasters and rides in the green center of France. Brand new for 2018 is the Family Intamin Launch coaster, similar to Juvelen at Djurs Sommerland. As this is probably a park you never thought of going, why not go now?

Parc Saint-Paul (France)

There are more small parks than you might think in France. Not too far from Disneyland Paris and Parc Astérix, a new wooden coaster opens in 2018. This brings the total that you will be able to add to your coaster counter to 8 with this park. The woodie will be a family oriented Gravity Group model, which makes it a great unexpected addition for Parc Saint-Paul.

Parc Spirou (France)

One of Europe’s newest parks opens in the south of France. The famous Begian comic cartoons will come to life not too far from Nice, Marseille and Montpellier. Three new coasters, several thrill and family rides are opening soon. It will be one of the region’s largest theme parks. Be one of the first to visit the park!

Europa-Park (Germany)

Every year is a good year to visit Europa-Park. With loads of rides, shows and more, you cannot ignore this park if you haven’t visited it yet. In 2018, the France area will get a major renovation including an updated Eurosat, a renewed dark ride and extra theming. Other novelty is the recently added IP, Paddington Bear. He will be introduced in the ice skating show. It doesn’t stop there as the small kiddie ride Old Circus 99 is getting an update too.

Toverland (The Netherlands)

Get ready for the biggest expansion yet at the park in 2018. Toverland will finally have a coaster with inversion, and not just any ride! You cannot have missed the news of this B&M Wing Coaster! The second ride in the area will be Merlin’s Quest, a boat ride with indoor and outdoor scenes. Don’t forget Troy, which is always a good reason to go. A new entrance area will welcome you too!

Energylandia (Poland)

Well, what can we say about this park… It’s building the (probably) most anticipated coaster in Europe at the moment? Energylandia is a one-of-a-kind place that came out of the blue only a few years ago. It opens two coasters this year (one originally planned for last year) both by Intamin which will bring the total to 12. No ignoring Eastern Europe’s biggest theme park now!

Liseberg (Sweden)

The second Scandinavian park waiting for you this year is Liseberg. To complete your B&M coaster bingo, you’ll need to book a stay at Göteburg. Europe’s newest Dive coaster, Valkyria, will be the largest model yet. The park keeps investing heavily so if you have never been, why not book a trip now?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (United Kingdom)

The final two parks are both in the UK. First one: Blackpool Pleasure Beach. If you have ridden a Mack Mega coaster, you know how fun they are. Pleasure Beach had the same impression so this year, they will deliver: Icon! The park is full of iconic coasters who aren’t the youngest anymore. So if you want to ride the classics before they leave the park and have a new Icon on your counter, don’t wait any longer.

Alton Towers (United Kingdom)

The last park on the list is Alton Towers. It’s that time again when a Secret Weapon will open at the Towers! Just this week, they finally explained it’s unique feature: fire. Wicker Man is the first UK wooden coaster to open in 21 years, so combine those two and there you have it. The story of the Beornen will take you along a wild ride through a flaming Wicker Man. If it is really unique is debatable, but don’t forget that Alton Towers has some of the best coasters out there.


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