20 European Winter Theme Parks

It’s getting colder and darker. Many theme parks in Europe have closed their gates. Luckily, there are still quite a few that have special events during the winter and some parks remain almost fully operational. We had a look at the European theme park landscape and found 20 options for experiencing attractions and more! Continue reading 20 European Winter Theme Parks

Ride Review: Cobra – Conny-Land

Switzerland is definitely a unique country : it mixes up different cultures, has four official languages and a unique political system with elements of direct democracy. Same are the theme parks, which are all weird ones. The best known of them is Connyland, which is a weird mess of rides, and it’s only coaster, Cobra, is not less unique. Continue reading Ride Review: Cobra – Conny-Land

Halloween Review: Bobbejaanland

The final day of the Belgian theme park season was last Sunday on November 6th. Only Plopsaland De Panne and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt will still be open on selected days. Zoo Pairi Daiza, the biggest touristic attraction in Belgium, had it’s final day yesterday November 13th. But before we really get into the winter season, let’s do one final Halloween post!  Continue reading Halloween Review: Bobbejaanland

The Coasters of Thorpe Park

This summer Yannick and Alex went to the UK to discover the thrills that are offered at Thorpe Park, the “Nation’s Thrill Capital”. Read on for our opinions about their world-class roller coasters!

Continue reading The Coasters of Thorpe Park

Halloween Season in Europe

Halloween is close and already many European parks are inviting guests for the scare of their lives. But where should you consider going in these times of horror? Here a quick overview of a grasp from the many Halloween events! Continue reading Halloween Season in Europe

All of the European Theme Park Excitement In One Spot